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Mike and I have volunteered to go to Carrolton for a school outing Saturday night.  See below.


Bob B


Great! The street address is 22336 Graystone Drive, Carrollton, VA 23314. Thanks!

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If the weather holds up I will be happy to bring my telescope.
Mike Connly

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> Hello. I'm the Lower Elementary teacher at the Hampton Roads International
> Montessori School (HRIMS) on Jefferson Ave in Newport News. My children
> range in age from 6 to 9. A parent, Carlos Hernandez from the Jefferson
> Lab, is helping us organize a star gazing evening out at another parent's
> home in Carrollton on Saturday, January 28. (Our one on Jan 21 got rained
> out!) We're gathering at 6 pm and going to a nearby vacant lot. We're
> inviting the Upper Elementary families as well as the kindergarten children
> from our preschool classes. However, I don't anticipate a huge crowd.
> Probably somewhere around 20-25 children and adults.
> I'm wondering if there are any of you who might want to show up with your
> scopes and help us navigate the night sky. I'm also wondering if anyone can
> recommend locations in the Newport News area where we might organize these
> events in the future; they'd have to be child-friendly. And, finally, I'm
> wondering if anyone has a telescope with a solar filter on it and would be
> willing to visit our class during school hours so that we can observe the
> Sun.
> I have to confess that I know very little about astronomy, but we do study
> the Big Bang theory, stars, and our solar system and do lessons focusing on
> the Sun, Earth, and Moon. In Montessori we also want the children to
> encounter adults who have a passion for a subject and have worked hard to
> master that subject. I first learned of VPAS when I attended the free
> observatory evening at the Virginia Living Museum on January 14 and have
> just become a member so that I can get your info.
> Thanks in advance for any tips, advice, information, or assistance you may
> be able to offer us at HRIMS!
> David Murphy


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Yeah, I was thinking: wow, that Dale, he knows something I don't know.


Carpe Noctem Bill McLean

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Nice choice of words your spellchecker picked for you Dale


I can not express the impotence of this particular sun cycle”  


Too Funny




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Years ago I volunteered my "Astro, computer, fishing, pool, collectable room" (Converted double car garage) for several of these work shops. The cost was about $20 and a couple of hours.

Sorry to say the member who put this together is no longer in the area. Also, the price of these (if you compare prices) has dropped drastically in the last few years. 

But my advice is to get one immediately !!!!!!!!  you will triple your use of your scope and see something that will not happen again in 11-13 years.

Every day some new features on going on and you don't want to miss the transit - that alone is worth the price of a filter. Courtney, I will be at the next meeting and I have a small

presentation I would like to give on observing the Sun. I have all my drawings  from the last solar peak and made a slide show.

I can not express the impotence of this particular sun cycle, and this transit. A 3/5" piece is fine for just about all telescopes.

see you at the meeting






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I would as well.


Courtney Flonta

President, Back Bay Amateur Astronomers

Senior Rep 2012



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I would be interested in a DIY session also.


Bob B


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At the January meeting there was some discussion about having a DIY Solar Filter class as a club event in anticipation of the June Venus Transit. Essentially an afternoon where folks could make their own filter with help/guidance from experienced club members who have made them before. My understanding was that the club had classes like this in the past.

Does anyone have any information on this or knowledge if this has moved beyond the idea stage? I'm looking to make a DIY filter for my 8" Dob, and would definitely appreciate all the help I can get to ensure I do it properly.



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> Hey..Smart Guys!
> I'd like to make a solar filter for the new 8" SCT. The question is this. With such a big central obstruction would I just be better off making and off-axis filter for it? Cost wise it makes sense and I think it does optically also. So if I do this what does this change? The speed of the scope?
> Jim T



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