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I would be interested in a DIY session also.


Bob B


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At the January meeting there was some discussion about having a DIY Solar Filter class as a club event in anticipation of the June Venus Transit. Essentially an afternoon where folks could make their own filter with help/guidance from experienced club members who have made them before. My understanding was that the club had classes like this in the past.

Does anyone have any information on this or knowledge if this has moved beyond the idea stage? I'm looking to make a DIY filter for my 8" Dob, and would definitely appreciate all the help I can get to ensure I do it properly.



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> Hey..Smart Guys!
> I'd like to make a solar filter for the new 8" SCT. The question is this. With such a big central obstruction would I just be better off making and off-axis filter for it? Cost wise it makes sense and I think it does optically also. So if I do this what does this change? The speed of the scope?
> Jim T

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