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Contrary to a previous report Bob Beuerlein did not stay at Mt. (or BBAA) Trash more.


Matt Young and I left, and went to New Quarter Park in Williamsburg.  We arrived at dusk, setup with about 10 other astrobuddies.  Then enjoyed the company and shared views with about 50 visitors.  A great turnout considering the cold, partially cloudy night.  The event ended at around 8 PM, Matt and I then  went to Bourbon Street Bar and Grill for dinner.


Bob Beuerlein


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It was an unfortunate turn of events.  Perhaps it would have been palatable if the parking restrictions had been established up front, or even if the restrictions made any sense.   We’ve dealt with the same sort of restrictions at the Boardwalk, but as there the restrictions are both necessary and understood in advance it’s acceptable.  Perhaps there should be a restriction on the number of vehicles we can leave at the Trashmore site, but there was no justification for that number to be three.


The Trashmore events have been very enjoyable in the past and it would be a shame if they are diminished by last night’s experience.  I’m sorry that last night didn’t work for some of us, I was rather looking forward to it.  I hope those that stayed had fun. 



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