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BRARA Group Policy

Be courteous and friendly. Try to stay on topic to the thread subject. Topics should be  limited to Ham Radio Topics. Political comments are not
allowed, nor any replies to such comments. Offenders may be put into moderation status without warning. 



The initial message posts by new subscribers are moderated and may experience a short holding period until approved. Also, some message
topics/threads may be placed under moderation due to a high volume of message traffic or an increase in heated, snarky or off-topic exchanges.
All messages posted as followups in such threads are automatically moderated and may be rejected at moderators' discretion without notice or


Set Your Display Name

Subscribers are urged to set their BRARA Group Display Name to their first name and call sign, like this: Mike K5MP. This will allow other subscribers
to easily ID your message posts instead of having to hunt for your signature. The Display Name appears in the "From:" field of any message you post
in the BRARA Group only. You can set your display name at this link: Account Profile (Click EDIT next to the BRARA group section at that link. You
may need to provide the email address that you use to subscribe to the group. Each group you subscribe to has its own display name setting.) Help Pages

You can find answers to all questions related to user accounts, subscription preferences & options at this link: Help Center



Check out various polling results of BRARA group subscribers here, (This item TBA, to be completed later in the implementation calendar)


For-Sale/Trade Items  (This item TBD)

The following guidelines must be followed when offering items for sale in the Group:

- Items must be related to the specific interests of the BRARA group;

- All for-sale message posts must include the #FORSALE hashtag somewhere in the subject line. This is a moderated tag which will cause the
message to be reviewed by the group owners before it is released to the list;

- Exchange of individual transaction details and other specifics that are not of interest to the group as a whole must be taken off-list by the seller;

- Updates regarding the sale item should be sent as followup replies to the original message post. Do not start a new topic (i.e., a message with a
new Subject line) for the purpose of providing status information, such as number of Items remaining, item sold, etc.;

- Do not spam the group with repeated offers for the same item. You can refer to the item briefly in related discussions by mentioning the archive
URL link of the original message. Do not repeat the entire offer in additional message posts or in other discussion threads. (The URL link is obtained
by mousing over the chain symbol adjacent the archived message post.)

- Members who would like to list items for trade or swap can do so by following the above guidelines, except that the #TRADESWAP hashtag should
be used instead of #FORSALE.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Group Owner at before posting items for sale or trade.


Change Your Email Address

We cannot change your account email address for you but you can do it yourself by clicking on the account link here: Account. (You may be
required to provide the email address that you use to subscribe to the group.
) There is a section there to edit your email address or add an
email alias. Also, at the bottom of all group email posts that you receive there is a "Change Your Subscription" link .


Email Aliases

If you want to post messages to the group from an email address that is different from your subscriber account address you can add

it as an alias address. Click on the account link here: Account. (You may be required to provide the email address that you use to subscribe to the
) Then open the Advanced section at the bottom for email alias settings and information. 


Log in Without a Password

You can log in to the BRARA Groups.IO page and your account settings without a password. Click the following link to obtain temporary access: 

Send Log In Link. (You will be required to provide the email address that you use to subscribe to the group.)


Option Links in Emails

If you primarily read and/or post to the group via email (vs. online using the webpage) make sure to check out the shortcut links that
appear at the bottom of the posted messages you receive. These links allow you to do a number of useful things to manage your account and
preferences, such as "Change Your Subscription", "View/Reply Online", "Mute Topic", etc.

If you are not seeing these links on every BRARA group email and you are using Thunderbird email software (perhaps others) you may need to
set Thunderbird (or other software) to "View | Message Body As | Original HTML" or "View | Message Body As | Simple HTML" or similar. That
should restore the links/footers.


Too Much Email

You can limit the amount of email you receive from the BRARA group by changing your email preference to either Digest or Daily Summary. Click
on the subscription link in the left column or here: Subscription. Refer to the Advanced Preferences section at that link for other options such as
limiting attachments, etc. (Your may be required to provide the email address that you use to subscribe to the group.)


Muting a Topic

If you've received an email on a topic that you're not interested in reading any further you can choose to "Mute Topic". This will prevent messages

with the same subject line from being sent to you. (See the "Mute Topic" link at the bottom of the email.)


Replying Off-List to the Sender Only

If your email followup to a posted message is not of general interest to the group, or if you want to reply privately to the sender only, you should
reply off list as follows:

- Click on the Reply to Sender link at the bottom of any group email post;

Limiting the Size of Attachments  (TBD)

If you are concerned about receiving large message attachments by email you can change your preferences to limit the size of the attachments

that are sent to you. Attachments larger than your set limit will instead appear as a link in the message post. To set your preferred attachment size
limit click on the Subscription link, then Advanced Preferences and Max Attachment Size.


No Paragraph Separation in Posted Messages

This typically happens for message posts composed in Yahoo Mail. If this is happening to your message posts you can either switch to Plain Text
 mode (vs Rich Text) in the Yahoo (or other) mail composition window; or use the Shift+Enter key combination between paragraphs (i.e., hold down
the Shift key while tapping the Enter key twice.)


Unsubscribed for Reporting a Message as Spam

Yahoo and some other email carriers have implemented an anti-spam system called Feedback Loop or FBL. If you are a Yahoo Mail user and report

any messages from Groups.IO subscribers as spam Groups.IO is required to unsubscribe you. It is possible that you have marked a message as

spam by mistake; or the message may have been marked automatically by your email spam filters.

When you are unsubscribed you should immediately receive an invitation from Groups.IO to rejoin. Simply click on the link to resubscribe.

To prevent this from recurring you should check for any Groups.IO messages in your spam folder and mark them as "not spam". That may help your
spam filtering to recognize future messages from Groups.IO as valid. You may also find that switching to an email provider other than Yahoo, Hotmail

and AOL will decrease FBL unsubscriptions.