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Trevor Richards

There is a lot of freely available webinar content available these days... probably much more than any of us can cope with. Here is another deep dive that I have still not fully explored.
But from what I have seen, there is some great content here.
It would be great if you shared any insights you find interesting or that can reflect back on NZ biochar development.
I've inserted some comments in blue below on content & there is an audio>text recording with some wild translations...

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Hello all,
Thank you for participating in the 'Landscape Applications of Biochar' webinar hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County and for your enthusiastic interest in the topic! Below are the links to the recordings for the entire webinar series; these links are temporary and will remain available for the next 100 days. Please excuse any duplicate emails you may receive. 

Deborah Aller
Tom Miles
Johannes Lehmann

The Science Behind Biochar:

  • Gillian Goldfarb... deep dive on biochar testing 
  • Bernardo Del Campo
  • Chumki Banik : a deep dive into pig manure

  • Ornamental Nursery Applications of Biochar:

    Neil Mattson: biochar as container media

    Deborah Aller : ornimental crops - indoor trials

    Mina Vescera: ornimental crops - outdoor trials

    Bryan Sales  : blueberries

    Landscape Applications of Biochar: 

    not seen yet
    Best regards,

    Deborah Aller, PhD
    Agricultural Stewardship Specialist
    Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County
    cell: 631-902-1582