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This group is for owners/users of Bendix King radios to share knowledge, tips, programming info, questions and answers, etc. with others.

This isn't intended to be eBay, but a few trading or buy/sell ads will be allowed, but no reposting. To stay under the space limit and keep this group free, no attachments may be posted in messages, but can be posted in the "Files" section. Please don't ask for a copy of software that is currently on the market; please buy these from Relm/BK Radio or a dealer. Older software is probably in the "Files" section.

If you're new, PLEASE search the group for the information you're looking for BEFORE posting. Odds are very good that someone else has had your same issue -- and that we've already found a solution. There is also extensive information (manuals, software, etc) in the "Files" section. We don't allow attachments to postings, but prefer to have them centrally collected in the Files section instead.

Only good netiquette, please. Spamming or flaming will get you set to moderated and/or banned. Once you've been set to moderated, we're slow to take you off.

If you are going to be away from your email and don't care to get messages from this group while you are away, please change your account settings to "special notices" to prevent bounced messages (and potential unsubscription) from the list by mistake. If we receive an "out of office" message from you, your account will be set to moderated to prevent recurrence.

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