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uBITX Firmware CEC by KD8CEC

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All Releases 

How to Install 


  1. Download XLOADER 
  2. Unzip it and run it
  3. Settings:
    FIle: Pick your CEC firmware file from within the zip
    Device: Duemilanove / Nan (ATmega328)
    COM: Your comport as in Device Manager
    Baud: 5760
  4. Click Upload

Version 1.08 Firmware 

Files Within (as in the FileNameInfo.txt in the zip file)
UBITX_CEC_Vxxxxx_16P.hex  : It is the LCD equipped with uBITX. Default LCD, 
                                                           16x02 Parallel LCD
UBITX_CEC_Vxxxxx_16I.hex  : 16x02 I2C LCD
UBITX_CEC_Vxxxxx_20P.hex  : 20x04 Parallel LCD
UBITX_CEC_Vxxxxx_20I.hex  : 20x04 I2C LCD

UBITX_CEC_Vxxxxx_16D.hex  : 16x02 I2C Dual LCD

uBITX Memory Manger v1.08 

Some new functionality in the firmware requires you to configure it to use it.

  1.  Download, Unzip & run
  2.  Click Connect
  3. Click Decode
  4. Save to File (you should always backup)
  5. Make Changes in the right hand UI area
  6. Click Encode
  7. Click Write to you uBITX
  8. Disconnect (the connect button)
  9. Close

What is new  in version 1.08 ??

See the Blog Post here with links to more information 


  • Improved Receive Performance
  • ATT function has been added to reduce RF gain
  • Control your uBITX with SDR Software
  • Added a protocol to ADC Monitoring in CAT communications
  • Support for differnt LCD Types
  • S-Meter Support & Setting Assistant
  • Recovery Mode for Factory Reset


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