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Known Issues

This is a list of known issues that builders encounter when assembling and operating their bitx kit.


PTT "pop"

Description: When closing the PTT switch, a very loud and short "pop" (or "squeal", "click", "screech", etc) comes through the audio output. 

Previous Discussions:

Root cause: ??? Something about the relay not switching fast enough?

Proposed Solutions:

  • (partial solution) 1N4148 diode between the transmit supply line and pin 7 of the lm386
  • Various PTT mute circuits (see above links)

Low Volume oscillations

Description: At low volume, very loud oscillations occur on the audio output

Previous Discussions:

Root Cause: ??? Something to do with the audio amplifier.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Different speakers (4 ohm, 16 ohm, ??)
  • Replacement potentiometer
  • Removing some SMD parts (?!)
  • Trimming wires, twisting wires away from board
  • Use shielded cable from board to potentiometer
  • Installing capacitor across the LM386 audio amplifier 




Template For New Issue

Description: <one sentence description of issue here>

Previous Discussions:

  • Links to threads in this group

Root Cause: <one or two sentences describing the cause of the problem, if known>

Proposed Solutions:

  • List of proposed solutions