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A use for your spare Bitx40 -- FSQ Beacon.

Directly modulates the Si5351 so no external computer or audio interface/keyline required. The FSQ waveform is tolerant of Bitx40 crystal-based timing. No TCXO or knowledge of Time Of Day required.

FSQ can be used for DX but is optimized for regional communication on a NVIS path (QST, Sept. 2015).

Uses ND6T Bitx40 CW mods.

Transmits on 7.104

Warnings: replaces Radino code, you should be able to restore your original code before loading this application. Starts transmitting BEACON_INTERVAL_MINUTES after Bitx40 is powered--always have an antenna connected.

Uses Jason's (NT7S) Si5351 and JTEncode libraries. All hail Jason. All hail Ashhar.

* Build: Arduino 1.8.2, Etherkit Si5351A Library v2.0.3

* Etherkit JTEncode Library v1.1.3

Bitx40FSQdemo is a MEPT (manned experimental propagation transmitter), which means that you should never leave the control of it unattended.