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So ya want to contribute to the Bitx Wiki...

It's not too hard once you get the lay of the land. As an analogy, the wiki is like your hard drive structure with directories and sub-directories. The wiki has pages that link to sub-pages. It may help you to create a multi-level outline of your thoughts and have it handy while you are editing. I create my new pages off-line and then copy/paste them into the wiki page.

Now let's get started...

At the bottom of each page are five buttons: Pages, Edit Page, New page, Add a Footer, and Add a Sidebar.

Pages - Shows a list of all pages in the wiki.
Edit Page - Allows editing of the current page.
New Page - Allows creating a new page.

Add a Footer - ? (Haven't used this one yet).
Add a Sidebar - ? (Haven't used this one yet).

Edit an Existing Page
1.  Navigate to the page you wish edit
2.  Hit the Edit Page button
3.  Make your edits
4.  Save the page(see note below)
5.  Navigate back to your edited page, reedit as necessary

Create a New Page
1.  Hit the New Page button
2.  Make your edits
3.  Save the page(see note below)
4.  Navigate to the page that will point to your new page
5.  Hit the Edit Page button
6.  Insert a topic title into a logical position within the existing topics
7.  Highlight the new topic title
8.  Hit the Link to Wiki Page button(2nd button from the right on top row of buttons)
9.  Save the page(see note below)
10. Navigate back to your new page, reedit as necessary

Note: If you make a meal of your edits, there is a button that will allow you bail out and try again.