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You want to contribute? Great



  • Will be automagical converted to a working link? Yes!
  • How can I create a link with a link text instead of an URL like example page? Use the link icon (chain, left of the book)
  • Can I link to a Wiki page? Yes, with the book symbol.
  • How can I create a new page? With the New Page button at the bottom.
  • I like fancy text! Please give the predefined formats (magic wand, second icon from left) a chance. Plus this creates the Table of Contents automatically.


Is it OK to just drop in some stuff? Maybe someone else will take care of it?

  • Please make new content as useful as possible.
  • Please do not leave work over for others.
  • Lable/comment images.
  • Create links that explain what is behind them. You do label your boxes at home, right?
  • Make it easy for others to find the right informationm and to find it fast.
  • If you copy in information, add a link to the original/source.
  • Give credit to creators.