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Recommended Boxes

Hammond 1455T -case by SM0JZT - Tilman

I love the cases by Hammond. 53 mm high, 170 x 170 mm. The case is lifted by a single foldable leg. 
The uBITX-board fits perfectly in the case and all looks very tidy under the hood.


Here pictures from the inside. In the back I have swapped the small cooling fins for a alu-plate that is bolted to the case underside. The inside picture to the front shows the tidy cabling. 

Small Format

I moved my Bitx40 to a smaller aluminium case. It’s very strong and compact, but weighs about 1 kilo. The box is extruded aluminium from Aliexpress - 145*54*200 mm. Cost about $US16. RF and AF gain on front with 10-turn tuning. On rear panel: On/off slide switch plus Hi/Lo power slide switch. Inputs for 12v and 22v. Headphone jack. Big jack is for CW key - not wired yet. Space at rear to fit AGC board and/or SWR/power board. 


Ready Made


Here's a ready-made box available on Ebay. Not cheap, but accessories (speaker, plugs, knobs etc) are included: 

73s VK2VOL


Board Mounting Dimensions

Control Shaft Dimensions

3D printed cases

Gorgeous case, courtesy of Adrian Cattell, M6YPA.