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This Wiki is the central hub for all information about the BITX series of homebrew, kit, and ready-to-assemble series of amateur radio transceivers.

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The BITX transceiver was originally developed by Ashhar Farhan for Indian hams -- who have often been handicapped by a lack of low cost equipment -- to get them on air.  A mono-band, bi-directional, design using ordinary NPN transistors was developed to cater to this demand.  The design could be adapted to any particular ham band by changing the RF section coils and capacitors and the VFO frequency.

Farhan's original website:

BITX evolved over one year from the excellent S7C receiver described in the new ARRL book, Experimental Methods in RF Design, (an ARRL publication) into a bi-directional transceiver.  Several expert hams across the globe contributed to its design; this resulted in a sensitive receiver capable of strong signal handling, and a stable and clean transmitter capable of enough power to make contacts across the world.

Through the years, the design has been homebrewed and kit built by many hams, and new, more adventurous, kits have been developed by Ashhar Farhan to bring the original design into the experimental world of microprocessors, software programming, and digital amateur radio modes.

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