WSPR and APRS mobile


Has anyone set up WSPR for position report and message use?  I find Bob Bruninga's web pages read more like hypothetical possibilities than actual application but that's probably me. If I'm going to be one of only a dozen people doing this, the investment in time becomes a chicken vs egg enterprise while hoping it catches on.

The reason that I picked up a second uBitx in the first place is for mobile use in data formats.  I've been dabbling around with voice so far, with abysmal test results with voice mode due to QRP levels and, of course, mobile antennas which are abysmal by definition compared to what's required for good, low-power voice comms.  So, back to the digital formats....

What are people doing with WSPR - or other formats for that matter - that might translate well to a minimalist site (i.e. relief camp) capability or mobile application with these feature-rich yet lower-powered radios?





Check qrp-labs website. Some folk are launching expendable balloon payloads that go around the world. They offer a wonderful transmitter that does wspr called U3S. Even with 200 mW mine has reached VK, ZL and Antarctica.

Your ubitx should be a great wspr receiver. And psk31 etc. SSB voice will do better in the fall.



QRP Labs has some nice and very innovative stuff though I'm not shopping for new hardware, necessarily.  This  was arguably a question better suited for an APRS or WSPR forum, maybe even an EMCOMM group though I figured someone else in the uBitx world might have dabbled with low-power positioning and traffic data already & who might have chosen a format or software package based upon this radio specifically.  

I'm soon to be taken out of circulation due to surgery and figured I'll have time to do some bench trials with a netbook, radio, and simulated "mobile" (read: tuned whip) aerial.  I guess when the time comes, l'll plod along and see where it goes.

John (vk2eta)

Hello Ted,

Have you looked at JS8CALL?

It works on minimal HW like a PI, reports positions to APRS, allows precise locations with a variable length maiden locator format, uses the FT8 modulation for very low snr exchanges and it's messages simply spans as many 15 seconds transmit sequences as required.

73, John

Don - KM4UDX

Ted -- look at km4udx in any of the wspr-related web sites.

All the multi-band results are uBITX and raspberry (clone) driven.

Yes, my full sized antenna is  not a good parallel to a wip antenna.  But, the results are remarkable (says me) on their own.