Where to get bitx boards? #bitx40 #bitx20 #v5 #v4 #v3


Hi, I'm new to this group.

Sorry if this has been asked many times - the only answers I can find are a couple of years old.

I'd like to build from bare PCB a BITX40 or BITX20 (or even an earlier uBITX) but can't find a source for the boards. Are they available or do I have to burn my own?

I'm just about to take my Foundation (Novice) so this would be a bit of a longer term project as I'd not be able to use it until I get my Intermediate. In the meantime I'll prob get a uBitx6 as I think it meets the allowable construction reqs of the regulator here in the UK.


Fantastic on your launch into ham radio.

If you were able to get a bare board, I doubt you could easily purchase the components for less than a completed board. The board is arranged for automated surface mount assembly. Its a pretty big effort to lay out your own board.

Some folk do a bitx using Manhattan construction. Challenge is sourcing all the parts.

Another rig called the QSX will eventually be available from qrplabs, if you wish to assemble a rig.

I suggest first building something simple, maybe a receiver before undertaking a complex transceiver.

Curt wb8yyy

Viktors Miske

Here's a link for the boards, which have thru hole component assy.
The country they're shipped from is on lockdown but should resume before too long.

Also, check out their home page, they have a new kit out called the Easy Bitx.


Hi Curt,

I’ve wanted to get my licence since I was a kid, but it was a lot harder then and I was distracted by other interests...

It’s a through hole construction that I was looking for. I’ve done a fair bit of kit construction and etching my own boards over the years but here in the UK you’re not allowed to do bare bones transmitter construction until Intermediate. Well you can build it, but you can’t use it. 

I’m a computer programmer by trade so I muck around with Arduino programming and circuit design too - that’s one of the things that attracted me to the BitX. 


Hi Victors, thanks for the links.

I’d seen that site but couldn’t work out what you actually get or even what some of the boards are for. I’ll email them for some clarification.

 I’ll look out for the launch of the easy as well. 



Given your programming interest, consider an older v3, v4 or v5 at a good price. The v3 and v4 do well with some relay surgery to address spurious. If nothing comes available,  then order a v6 when they reemerge.



Send me your mailing address at shytron@.... I have some extra boards. You will enjoy the learning experience.