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Jack, W8TEE


I have spent the last 10 days going over the book and correcting hiccups. The code listings were correct, but incorrectly formatted, making them hard to read. Those are fixed. Those who bought the printed book early, the corrected listings are in the Files section of the SoftwareControlledHamRadio (SCHR) site, which is given on the back cover of the book. The same site also has the answers to the Exercises. Please try to answer them before you read my answer.

The eBook has also been redone. You can tell which version is being distributed by the Dedication and Acknowledgements pages which were not in the previous version. You can see these by clicking on the Look Inside banner on the book's cover on Amazon. Amazon has reviewed and accepted my changes and state that distribution of the new version will begin on Thursday, Sept. 24. That said, the new version appears on the Look Inside banner now, even though Amazon says it will be up to 48 hours before distribution begins. Those of you with eBook copies, does Amazon update your copies? If so, do you see the new version? (I can't find a real answer to this.)

From now on, I will only post notices similar to this on the SCHR site should the need arise. I apologize for taking up bandwidth for this, but I don't have any other means of reaching those who purchased earlier copies. thanks for your forbearance.

Jack, W8TEE

Jack, W8TEE