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Jack, W8TEE


A number of things:

1. I have gone through the entire book and reformatted all of the source code listings. I also increased the font size used in the listing by 25% so even us old people can read it more easily. As a result, the new version of the book is approximately 50 pages longer than before. Although the cost of the book has increased because of the higher page count, there's no reason for you to pay more because of my mistake. The price remains the same for both the printed and eBook versions. Amazon tells me that the new version of the book will be available on orders on and after Monday, Sept 7, 2020.

2. I have removed the index from the printed book. The reason is because my index numbers do not exactly match their printed version. However, the 850+ index entries help to make the book useful, so I am ordering printed copies and will re-paginate the index after I have received a copy of the new book. I will then post the new index on the SoftwareControlloredHamRadio (SCHR) site when it is done. You can then download the index and use it with the printed book. (I would think eBook users would also find it useful when used in conjunction with the Kindle word search facility.) I will send out a notice when the index is done, but only to members of the SCHR group. That will lessen the bandwidth that the message takes.

3. All of the Exercises are also complete for all chapters. They, too, can now be downloaded from the SCHR site. Please: Try to answer the questions before looking at my answer, for several reasons: 1) testing yourself as you read through the book is the only way to accurately assess how you are progressing, 2) it's good practice for you to select data types and make up variable names, 3) if you have trouble answering a question, it tells you that you should review that aspect of the text, and 4) you could end up with a better answer than I give! Finally, there are a couple of Exercises where I don't give any answer because I really want you to answer them yourself.

I appreciate that I am intruding on members of other groups who could care less about this topic, and I hope that the tag line helps them avoid it. However, I cannot see any other way to inform interested members of the changes. I will only be using SCHR from now on for notices.

Thanks for your forebearance!

Jack, W8TEE

Jack, W8TEE