#v6 mike jack replacement #v6

Ralph King

My mike jack on the #v6 is broken.  Xmit  "TX " comes on while plugging in the mike, but when it is plugged all the
way in it won't key.  The unit has been working just fine before.  Help me out with a description so I can order a
couple off of eBay. Please send the reply here and to k1kob@....
Tks  Ralph K1KOB

Evan Hand

What you describe to me seems more like a mike issue than the jack on the rig.  Regardless, the jack on the uBITX is a TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) 3.5 mm jack.  The other term is a 3.5 mm stero jack.  this is not the same as the jack used on laptops and smartphones.  Those are TRRS, in other words, there are two rings.  The one other type of 3.5 mm jack is a mono jack with only tip and sleeve connections.

Here is a mouser part number that should fit the board.  Please verify, as I do not have a v6 to check if it is correct.

If you have an old TRS 3.5 mm plug, try plugging it into the jack and then short the sleeve (ground) and the ring connection.  If the transmitter keys, then the problem is in the mic or the mic plug.  Could be a broken wire in the mic cord.  If you have an ohmmeter, verify that the sleeve and ring have continuity when the PTT switch on the mic is pressed.  If not, then that is your problem.

Hope this helps,