[uBITx V6] #V6 Query re USB 4 port expander implementation #v6


I recently saw a couple of posts that mentioned a 4 port USB expander/extender was used with UBITx xcvr.

I am interested in the details of how it was installed to be used.

The one expander I have found reliable was an IOGEAR independently powered one. It has separate DC power supply so does not contribute to extra DC load on limited laptop USB port dc supplies.

I also tried the same IOGEAR model expander that used dc power from the host laptop instead and nothing plugged into it was recognized by the operating system at all. The OS saw the expansion hub but no devices connected to it.

So if anyone has the details I would appreciate the details as I would like to be able to use a separate simple sound dongle or SignalinkUSB  for simulated modem tones in digi applications over radio.


Erwin Serlé

This is what I use on a uBITx v5. Not powered Maxxter. Holding the usb soundcard connected directly to uBITx Mic and Speaker ports. Then usb cable to uBITx Raduino. At left RTL-SDR dongle connected to SDR signal at IF of the uBITx and into the laptop via usb.

PE3ES - F4VTQ - Erwin