Ubitx v6 issue: impact damage? #ubitx #ubitx-help #v6 #ubitxv6

Thomas White

I need a little help here, my new ubitx is not working. 

I hope someone may have some experience in this type of issue, and could share some advice. 


I accidentally dropped my iphone from a height of about 12 inches onto the top of the ubitx, when it was operating in receive mode.  

The audio of the station on 40 meters went away, all I could hear was noise & rfi. I checked other bands, there was only noise and no stations. No transmission testing was done, I had been listening only, using  a random length wire. 


I am trying to scope what all might have occurred, and how to diagnose & then repair. The failure modes that I have thought of so far are as follows:

Loose plug-in connectors

Loose press-in components

Broken component leg wire-to-board connection

Broken component wire leg

Cracked broken PCB traces

Cracked PCB 

Broken or Missing components 

I would expect that the damage would be at the center of the PCB, where the dynamic motion is highest, and hopefully, any damage would be localized. 


I am planning to remove the board from the case, and

(a) perform visual inspection, with bright lights and a magnifying glass. 

(b) power-up, and check voltages with my VOM. 

(c)  try to use my SDR to identify if any IF & BFO outputs are present. 


Again, if someone has had similar experience in this type of issue, please share some advice. 



Thomas AD6TW

Reed N

First thing I would check is the speaker and speaker connection, since it's directly attached to the top on the stock v6 case and thus most likely to be hit. For instance, if you turn on CW mode and try and send, do you get the expected audio tone out?



Glad your I phone survived. Your plan seems comprehensive. Likely the damage should be visible.

Check the impact area for broken parts. Then of course any impact damage to board or connectors. If nothing is visible,  the impact could have opened a marginal solder connection.


Evan Hand

I am not sure that the impact would have translated to the circuit board if it was in the case with the top on.  The board is mounted on the bottom of the case.  It could have (maybe) caused an impact wave to agitate the board.

If the top was not on and it hit the board directly then a very careful inspection near the impact site is needed.  If you message back the components near the impact site, we could help in the diagnostics.

If you remove the antenna, does the RF hiss drop to near zero?  You should hear a difference between the noise with and without the antenna connected.

Keep in mind that band conditions are not very good, and the station that you were receiving might have stopped transmitting, and other stations were not operating at that time.

Your plan seems sound.  I would be curious to know what you find.

Good Luck and 73,