uBITX V6 Headphone Jack not Working Correctly

Dennis Zabawa

When I plug stereo headphones into the speaker jack, the internal speaker is not silenced.  Tried three different headphones to be sure.  Has any one else had this issue?

Reed N

I haven't finished my radio yet, but I just buzzed out the speaker header, and the connection from Audio pin 7 loses continuity when I plug headphones into the headphone jack. Sorry I can't be more helpful...


Bob Bennett

I have the same issue. 


The jack is wired for mono (2-pin plug).  The audio is only mono, and if you were to wire both the tip and mid-barrel together in the jack, you run the risk of shorting out the LM386.  Confirm that it works with a 2-pin mono plug.  I use an external 3.5 mm stereo to mono adapter to connect my stereo headphones.

A complication is when your headphones have a built-in microphone, so the plug has four connections.  Since the mic connection is at the opposite end as the tip, the jack on the board thinks the mic connection is the common, and things will get funky.

Dennis Zabawa

Referring to the schematic, the Ring and Tip of the Headphone jack are wired together and connected to the output of the audio amplifier.  The switched contacts of the Headphone jack are wired together and connected to the 2 pin Speaker header.  When a headphone, mono or stereo, is plugged in, the internal speaker should be silenced.  Since that is not happening, something is wrong with the jack, installation or PCB.

howard winwood G4GPF

Easy to convert the jack to output to stereo phones. Yes! The audio is mono but is nice to have output to both L and R ears. It will not affect the lm386.

Dennis Zabawa


It helps to plug the headphones into the Headphone Jack NOT the CW Keyer Jack!!!!  
I have got to label the front panel!

Erwin Serlé

Cool ;-)

PE3ES - F4VTQ - Erwin