uBITX V6.0 For Sale - and others too

Bill Cromwell

Hi again Curt,

All of those have their delightful beauty marks and their own warts. I am thinking about that V6 as well. I am happy enough with the two line LCD in my V3 and I bought more of those to play with my experiments. I have no plans to seriously modify the V3 beyond the CEC software it is running and the taming of the sidetone and T-R thump.

I will only mention in passing there is already QRO gear here but most of it weighs more than 10 pounds. There is nothing much over ~100 watts.

Ashar has joined the thread too. Ham radio is a hobby for me. Whatever money I have has better places to be spent than on 5k and 10k radios that will only do the same things 50, 100, 200 dollar radios and radios home built from absolute found junk. We don't add an S unit by merely adding a couple of watts. we have to double the power and nearly double it again for one s unit. There isn't a lot of point to making and using radios much over 100 watts. Unless the FCC changes the rules for us to have megawatts.

The most reasonable first one to repair is the uBitX followed by the PFR-3. Meanwhile still working through that other guy's QCX. And a V6 is on the way here to see if I can help.

73 and hope to see a few of you on the air this weekend.

Bill KU8H

On 1/8/20 9:51 PM, Curt via Groups.Io wrote:
I was merely trying to contrast the business models,  not critique them. I aspire to have a QSX in my shack also.
If nothing is hidden in the hardware, one can indeed do their own firmware, if they work enough to understand the hardware. LOL with that, starting from scratch.
Well perhsps fix your rigs starting with the easiest one.
I watched v6 video and agree it looks nice. Ashar has told us how to update an earlier ubitx to this display. I myself am content with one ubitx, my v4. I have the extra 45 MHz xtal filter back in with shielded inductors on the original one. If it behaves still including cw transmit, I am optimistic it shall have decent spurious on ssb.
I did obtain the 50w cw amp from Hans, will build it for 40m. Yes its all keeping me from building with tubes.
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