uBitx V4, nextion display and other mods #ubitx


Hello Group, long time lingerer, first time poster.
I've had the uBitx V4 for almost a year now, and have used it for listening a bit, but not much. Recently I met a local ham (VE7PS) that really got me interested in radio again. I have been studying for my license on and off for the last 4 or so years, and now after meeting VE7PS I am making the push. I will be taking the test early January 2020.

ANYWAY, the reason I'm writing, is I'm a tinkerer. and I've done most of the mods to my uBitx; nextion display, ND6T Stockton Bridge SWR with the extra arduino for S-Meter and SWR. Ive also got the small AGC board from

My question is; after installing the AGC and the S-Meter, where should I connect the S-meter? it says "Vol-high" but the AGC board has an S-meter pad. The AGC instructions state, that for a V4 board to connect the AGC V to R70 through a resistor instead of through VOL-HIGH. So it seems I have 3 places to choose for the S-Meter: Vol-HIGH, R70 through a resistor, and S on the AGC board.

Does anyone have any ideas?




I confess I am not familiar with that hardware set, but I tend to trust the instructions with the AGC board.  Likely the other approach of connecting just the high side of the audio at the volume control is for someone without an AGC board.  a key matter is making sure you understand the maximum voltage of the pin you are plugging into on the other side of the AGC board.  now if you tune in a huge signal (try one of the FT8 frequencies) and measure the voltage from the AGC board, you will know its level - and likely it will be low enough to feed into an arduino pin - via that suggested resistor to bound the current. 

fantastic on your entry into ham radio.  great to have you in the ubitx community also. 

73 Curt wb8yyy