Ubitx help In Cincinnati

Tony Frey

I looking for someone in the Cincinnati area that can take a look at my Ubitx v5.  I have it together, it powers up, but has no audio.  I’m a total noob at kit building & a relatively new to hf, passed my general not too long ago.  I let the smoke out of the v v3 I put together.  

Thanks, Tony



Most important is to not mess up dc power connection.  do you have a dvm? You can and should verify each connection with the ohmmeter setting. Most important don't make a short circuit between positive and negative leads of your power source. Check everything before powering up. I see there is a new larger wiring diagram here. You can figure this out, don't be overconfident without checking things out.

After getting power right, much help available here. But do find folk nearby, check websites of local clubs.