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Hi my name is Tony ei3it, A friend of mine left me in a uBitx he built which has a problem the raduino nano witch seams dead no reaction from it the display lights up but nothing happens, so put my raduino nano into his unit and away she went worked perfectly.
Now I was trying to get a complete board but no success so fair, I wonder how could I get help.
I have heard that chaps have built a version I wonder could I get 1 or 2 of them depending on availability HI Hears hoping some one can help, thanks   


Hello Tony,

HF Signals has come out with the latest V6 of the uBitx in kit form. There are two basic models. The Full Kit and the Basic kit. You can pre order one according to your requirement.

To order one for yourself please visit

Depending on where you are located and the shipping mode that you select, we can ship the same as per the delivery schedule. The pre-order dispatches have already begun.

Hope that Helps



Evan Hand

Try this link:

They have both v6 and v5 Raduino clone boards, depending of if you want to upgrade to v6.

The other option is to search both this site and a general Google search for Raduino.