Transmit Trouble


Hi All and hello from the UK,

Firstly I need to emphasize that I'm a Newbie at all of this - and whilst thoroughly enjoying every second of it, I'm still very naive - passed Foundation & Intermediate and am now struggling for the Full.
Anyway, built my uBitx on a board, connected to a QRP-Labs Dummy Load and all appeared good.  When I click on the PTT button it goes into Tx.  The reception from my droopy dipole is (relatively) excellent.
However, when I attempted an approximation of output power using the mic and the dummy load, the result was minuscule.  So, in an attempt to obtain a more consistent power output, I tried shorting the CW 3.5mm socket. This refuses to give me any dots or dashed and does not go into Tx mode.  
I have undertaken the checks that I can on the wiring etc and had a look at the troubleshooting guide but that was a bit beyond my current capabilities.  So as I see it, I have two problems that may well be related but to be honest I am struggling.
I would also add that my ATU is not registering any output.




you are doing well with all that advancing, and i sense you are close with the ubitx. did you install that 4.7k resistor that is needed for transmit?  I call there is also a menu setting to tell it to expect a manual key and not a paddle.  with the proper menu setting and that resistor a short circuit across the key should place it into cw transmit.  note you need to speak or whistle into the microphone to get any ssb transmit output.  check things patiently and I expect you will solve it.  maybe we can qso via ubitx this fall. 

73 Curt


Thanks Curt,
That makes sense - yes I have the resistor there but I haven't specifically checked the menu settings so I shall definitely do that. It's 1:30am here so I think I should probably leave it till the morning but I will let you know how I get on. 
Thanks again.