Tap Washers

Bill Schofield <g0bak-m@...>

Hi All, Just to clarify, the Delta Washers I mentioned in the earlier
post are shaped more like a standard Torroid a little bigger than a T
50 and not as big as a T68 so I guess around a T55????? A standard
1/2 inch or basin tap washer in the uk is much bigger and the hole in
the centre is quite small. I did purchase some of these also to
compare, Catalogue no C54012 £1.29 + VAT for 10 same Supplier. I use
a PIC LCD Capacitance and Inductance meter that I made last year to
give me the values of the coils, as yet I have not made them for the
BITX. As mentioned in another posting, the core for the winding can
be made out of various things, ball point pen plastic etc. When I
wind the coils I will give some uH values from my meter. All the best
and happy constructing, de Bill G0BAK.