Support bracket for Raduino / uBitx

John Scherer

Its nothing fancy but it works for me so I thought others might find it useful.  I designed this bracket a month or so ago and it works well with in my Hammond 1402DV enclosure.  I had originally 3d printed this part in PLA but will be reprinting it in ABS for better thermal resilience. I can provide a .step cad file if needed too.

John - N0CTL - Fulltime RV in a 40' motorhome

Wayne Leake

 Looks very good, aside from the right side being specific for your case.
 I plan to mount my Raduino directly to the front panel, as I'm using a couple of different cases,
 and BITX40's and one BITX20 (when I get it assembled.
 I hope others will make good use of your work.
 I know it takes time and effort.
 Wayne WA2YNE