Spam message

Hans Summers <Hans.Summers@...>


Sadly it appears that a spammer has joined our group and sent a spam email
which I received here at 1809 UTC.

I have deleted the offending message from the messages archive, but those of
you who have elected to receive individual emails will already have received

I have removed the spammer from the group and modified the membership
setting to "restricted". This means that from now on, new members must be
approved by one of the group moderators (myself or Farhan) before they are
permitted to join the group. I suggest that new applications be approved
only if the email address appears to be genuine, for example if it contains
a valid callsign or if a google search on the name identifies a real person
- if there is any doubt I will reply to the applicant asking some question
about why they want to apply and what their interest in the group is. I
would imagine that this will deter spammers and if they do attempt a reply,
will enable easy identification.

I don't want to make it difficult to join the group, and didn't want to have
to restrict the membership like this. But apparently it is necessary in
order to maintain the quality of the group and protect the privacy of the

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

73 de Hans G0UPL