Smeter not working

Chris WB4ULK

Just an FYI if your smeter isn’t working It could be that you are using the S version for your Nextion display. It will be looking for another display. If you are using a single display use the the non “S” display.

Evan Hand

I believe that the S is to standalone.  That is there is a second Nano in the link to the display that is used for signal processing like the S meter, spectrum display, and cw decoding.  I have not implemented that so I could be wrong.  Your comment that you should not use the S version unless you have the second Nano is correct.


Chris WB4ULK

It took me a while to figure out why my smeter was just displaying an s5 and not moving.
I saw a mention of the “S” software version versus the non “S” version and put 2 and 2 together.

I checked and yup, I was using the “S” version.

I figured this post title with that info may help someone else in the future with the same issue.