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i have just seen the reply to a query about india post

i am prepared to wait till india post gets going cos i do not want to pay customs duty via dhl



Hello Terry,

It is perfectly okay if you wish to wait for India Post till it opens up international shipping. Having said this we at HF Signals felt that since many of the customers have been waiting since march for their orders to reach them we would request all those who have opted for India Post to upgrade to DHL so that we could expedite their shipping. However a few like you have expressed that they would rather wait for India Posts to open than having to pay extra customs when opting for DHL. We have already sent individual mails to all pending India Post orders informing them about this delay and most of them have expressed their support especially during these trying times.

In case you wish to know anything more about this then please write to us at sales@... and we will answer your query.

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Is it so much more with DHL?  In Canada, we are hit with customs duties whether it goes through DHL or through Canada Post.  With the latter, they charge an extra processing fee of $10 on top of the duties charge, so it is still expensive.  With DHL, the duty is pre-paid so there is no customs processing charge through them.  Maybe in the UK, your shipments don't always get charged duty?  I think only the small stuff gets through here.

73 eh