Screen nextion is not the good.

Gérard <kabupos@...>

I received my nextion screen from a large supplier (AMZN). But, I think I did not choose the right model when ordering. In fact it is a 320QVT TFT that I received. It is a connector 40 pins and not 4 wires RX, TX PWR, GND.
Has anyone already connected this type of screen on their µBitx? There is only one subject on this without an answer. Soft will work?
If it's possible, have you a datasheet connexions.
thank you for your help.
for example on the net (?)

W9THC CriP Sparks

well at least you got it from the big supplier,  just return it say it doesn't fit,  no prob  girls do it all the time.. .  goltta work for guys once in a while too right??