Sasquatch Stomp


Hello the group,
In response to several requests to relax the 5 Watt power level in consideration of the current sunspot conditions, we have set the transmitter power level for the event at 10 Watts or less.
This is also done in response to others who have pointed out that many QRP radios, such as the uBitx, KX3 and KX2, are capable of power outputs of ten watts or more and are in many cases operated at those power levels.
We see nothing wrong with adjusting the power output up a little bit so as to increase the fun.  And, in these low sunspot times, perhaps provide signals that are more easily readable for those who are struggling a bit with their CW.
So get on the air for the event on 3 April, and have fun.  That’s what it is all about.
73, and hope to work you in the Stomp.
Wayne  NB6M
Sasquatch # 999

Terry L. Morris

I feel that reducing transmit power from 5 watts to maybe 3 watts would be more challenging and fun than increasing power. I have been QRP since my first QSO. Last night I worked a 5 watt QSO from NE Ohio to Lithuania. Your rules though. Just giving my opinion. Best 72, KB8AMZ