R1.5.1 Handmatige #ubitx #nano #arduino #firmware #ubitxv6


Here we go again, mr Reed so happy with your software, n the beginning i have and had big problems with my v6. Mic poblems, calibration problems, output promblems etcetc. Now i installed your software, callibration was so good and fast(i have onley an ulti meter and selfmade dummy load and a nanovna but have to learn to work with it) ik think that the callibration is good, so intent to go on with study for N license. Yesterday i made(yes i know...illigal, but almost every amateur started with this in The Netherlands), so yesterday i tryed to react on a qso, the man from Iatly, venice, could hear me , not so good cause off many qrm, so that was for me the proof that the rado works....finaly.
The distance was about 950km from my house, onley on a wire balanced on 40-20-and 15 meter, output power was about 23 volts, the mike i changed is with a normal stereo audio cable, with 2 "c" 22nf from audio to ground and from switch to ground. No problems with stuttering from tx to rx and back.
So see what you can do with new software  ;-)))