Periodic announcement from TSW #ubitx #teensy #v6

Jim Sheldon

The Triumvirate Skonk Worx (TSW) group is hoping that every one of you are practicing your good safe COVID-19 avoidance practices in accordance with the CDC and WHO guidlines and that you are all still in good health.  Please stay that way.

On another note, TSW can still kit and ship our Teensy 4.0 to NANO adapter which works great with the factory V6 uBITX Raduino/Display and requires NO hardware modifications to use. 

The software we have available for the V6 uBITX when using the T4-NANO adapter has many enhancements over the stock software that originally comes loaded in the NANO.

Some of the nice things about our software - it has a selectable underscore cursor for the tuning display that can be moved with just a touch to select your tuning increment and enables rapid QSY between well separated frequencies within a band. 

We have band limits set to the USA standards for band edges on the 80 through 10 meter bands to keep you from transmitting out of band, but we also provice a G/C mode that allows full transmit/receive within the limits of the V6 uBITX. 

There are RIT, SPLIT, Sideband select, Mode select CW, SSB, and CWP (CW Practice/transmit inhibit) buttons.

Individual Band buttons 80-10 meters and a G/C (general coverage) button.

The Set button brings up a window of more buttons where you can:
Turn the S meter on or off (ours is designed to use the S meter output from the N8DAH AGC board)
Set your Sidetone frequency.
Set the CW Delay (T/R switching time).
Set the paddle jack wiring for either Normal (tip=dot) or Reverse (tip=dash).
CAL Freq gives you a master oscillator calibration routine which has been designed for ease of use and also allows exit without changing anything if you accidentally enter the menu (the factory cal doesn't at this time).
CAL BFO does the same and has an exit without changing anything, factory reset and user save functions.
Finally, because the Teensy 4 has a Real Time Clock we give you the option of displaying it on the main screen or not.  Included with the software is a small utility that allows you to set the RTC to UTC from your computer using the CAT interface

The original virtual keypad for setting frequency (Frq button) is still available.
A "Lck (lock) button to prevent bumping the encoder and accidentally changing frequency.

Ffinally we have implemented a "Mem" function that when pressed brings up 10 memory channnels that can hold a frequency, mode and preferred sideband selection for each of the 10 memories.

Note:  We do not have any Teensy 4 software for the NEXTION display.  The V6 uBITX was NOT origianlly designed for the NEXTION anyway and even having to purchase the Teensy 4 to work with the adapter, the combination uses the original factory display, so you do not have to figure out how to program a NEXTION, and the T4/adapter combination is cheaper than the NEXTIONs plus much less frustrating to get operational.

We invite you to consider using our T4-NANO adapter & software rather than messing up your new case trying to get a NEXTION display to mount properly and then having difficulty finding support for your NEXTION software as apparently the original author has stopped providing support for it.

Our website is and further info regarding the T4-NANO adapter, software and ordering information is listed on the site.  If you have visited the TSW page before, please remember to clear your browser's cache info/reload the page each time as it is updated frequently so you get the latest information and not an earlier saved version of the page.

Jim, W0EB
TSW Project Coordinator