Nextion Display on uBITX #ubitx #nextion

Michael Shreeve

I've thought about installing the Nextion from the get go, when Ian wrote the first draft and made it work so flawlessly. If you were going from a v3 or v4 or maybe even a v5 I'd say just go to the Nextion. I do not know the V6 with its completely different display, so the guys who are saying get that one working before the Nextion may have a few reasons ? That said, remember, Ian tried to make things easy by offering completely compiled files. You would not need to know very much about Arduino if you went that route. You also do not fool around with libraries so it really makes it easy. His files are labeled as Hex files. The procedure is quite a ways back in his website but its easy. Any reasons the guys would be saying to first make one display work and then go to the nextion may have something to do with hardware changes ? And, its all a  learning experience and as long as you do not make errors and blow up parts, its great fun.

Doing it with Hex files is a shortcut, and many of the guys here would say you should not use that short cut. They would want you to learn how to install libraries, compile in the IDE, and use the longer route. Nothing wrong with that UNLESS your in a hurry to get on the air. In fact , it is quite satisfying to know how to use the IDE and libraries, so good luck with your choice.

Evan Hand

In my opinion the best reason to start with the stock version. Whichever one you purchased, is that gives the best chance to make sure the basic functions work. You are verifying the tests that were performed at HF Signals before it was shipped. It also removes most hardware issues from the upgrades that you plan on doing. 

it is a personal choice, however a step by step approach checking as you go is always more reliable in the long run. 

The above are my opinions, yours may be different


Right on the nail. Observed a similar one between 29palms,California & Albany,Ga during MARS message relay.
All goes well until I notice the coax antenna switch is set to an antenna on the ground for repair.m. Told the op in Albany who passed it on to 29palms. We heard no more of29palms that day. 
We should all remember that our signal is like an elephant-goes where it wants too.
Liked your soapbox Bill-same for me.