Nextion 3.5 with CEC 1.097

Michel Dupuy

Hello everyone and thank you for the work. I will want to know if someone has made the firmware for Nextion 3.5 with CEC 1.097. Thank you Michel

SV9CVJ Nikos

For GUI v3 please try this .

I have ubitx_35_basic_90.tft and the card reader is down ,if card reader up load ..... 270.tft file .

Michel Dupuy

Thank you Nikos. I tried 270tft the screen is reversed. 90tft is fine except the S / Meter deviation is reversed.
F1GTX Michel

SV9CVJ Nikos

Ηi Michel,
I already know that the software has some issues, but it's the best option i've found thanks to Rich Neese.You can also find GUI here :[0]=68.ARCZBFSjpXWzAphJfshegxYbIK0Qi0etEyNuQTcD_pwl-rupMgt9xw6X5GtdY4LDcscW2lFL3YnNJszW9B4P4Ik5ynLYdUji6skdKUo_BmShDeNLR1TF7Hvu8qlqLeXayyJ867Srpasm&__tn__=C-R

SV9CVJ  Nikos Magafourakis

Michel Dupuy

Thank you Nikkos.
Michel F1GTX

Denis Dimick

Thanks Nikos,
I've been trying to get my LCD to flash for a few days now, it would flash, however, not use the full screen.