New Build - Encoder Issue



I just start putting a uBitx together and have fun in to an issue. Rather than build immediately in to a case I’m doing open, on the bench. On powering up, all appears to boot ok, I get a modest amount of audio out of an 8ohm speaker but the encoder appears not to be working. The push button element works ok but rotate it either way only elicits one step of movement. Given that it moves in the right direction and I’ve double checked the wiring I think it’s connected correctly. Thoughts so far, 1/ it’s faulty 2/ I cooked it or mechanically damaged when wiring it up. 3/ the fact it’s hanging in space rather than bolted in to a grounded case is causing a problem. 4/ the encoder is fine but the board receiving the data is not working.

I would really appreciate any feedback or comments as to whether this has cropped up before and also if anyone knows where I might get an equivalent encode to try and swap it out, happy to spend a bit more if a better option is out there. 

Many thanks in advance