Maplin Temp Controlled Soldering Iron

Mike W <mike@...>

Hi Folks,
I've just received my new Temp. Controlled Soldering Iron from
Maplin UK. It is currently on special offer, and what an offer !.

Previously sold for 29.99 its now on offer for 9.99. It has proper Anti-
static earthing point, its temprature control is from 160 - 480 deg C
using a panel mounted pot. It looks like a Weller Copy, but the bits
are not similar AFIK, nothing like my TCP anyway. For the money,
I don't think I've had as good a bargain from Maplin before !
take a look...
and search for ..
Part No LS-20 , or , order code N78AR

hth somebody, atb Mike W, G8NXD

Mike W <mike@...>

Damn, its done it again. ( always the computer at fault :-( ) sorry for
the multiple posts.