locked up v6


when i turn on the set i get a hiss from the speaker  and the on/off and volume control work     the display shows the start screeen ie mode and freq boxes rotary encoder does not function if turned with the ecoder pressed in i get a setup screen but nothing moves   my thanks to those who have tried to help   back to the drawing board

Evan Hand

I believe that the screen is a touch screen.  Does it respond to touches?  Can you change the frequency with the touch screen?  I do not have a v6, so I cannot describe how it should work.

At this point it appears to me that the encoder is not wired correctly, or the part is bad.  Try a close (with magnifier) inspection of the encoder solder joins and the plug that goes into the Raduino (the board that bridges between the display and the mainboard. The one with the Nano piggybacked on it).

It is tricky, however, you might be able to measure the contact closures on the encoder.  There are two contacts for the rotary motion grouped together on one side of the control.  The center pin is common.  The outer pins are A and B phase contacts.  Try testing the conductivity of the contacts while turning slowly.  Should be able to measure if the contacts are making and breaking.

Just suggestions that I would try.


My V6 started out the same way BUT I learned from an old conversation on this that I had the encoder plugged into the board rather than the arduino.  There is little or nothing to indicate where it goes and the connector is the same on both.  Just an idea.
Newbie Russ