Latest TSW Teensy 4 software on the website #ubitx #teensy #v6

Jim Sheldon

TSW has released our latest firmware for the Teensy4 which can be used with the uBITX Version 6 factory Raduino, the TSW V6 Raduino Clone kit and our upcoming Teensy4 Raduino Clone kit that will only take the Teensy 4 as it's MPU.  This kit should be available in early February if the prototype testing goes as well as our original V6 Raduino clone did.  We now have that kit available - pricing to USA customers and ordering details are available on the website.  We're still working to find out why export restrictions were placed on our older Raduino Clone kit when shipping to EU.  For that reason our international shipping is not available until we get it sorted out.  I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding because all of the parts are standard stuff and available internationally.  For now though, shipping is only to the US and its territories.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

The factory Raduino and TSW's V6 Raduino Clone can use either the Arduino NANO with stock factory firmware or by obtaining TSW's Teensy 4 to NANO plug-in adapter (requiring no hardware mods to the Raduino) the Teensy 4 can be used with TSW's T4 software in either of the Raduinos.

Thanks to Jim, KK0U's help we also have a new document available on the website that very explicitly explains how to set up the Arduino IDE environment with PJRC's "Teensyduino" add on and how to compile/upload the sketches to the Teensy 4. This should help those who are just getting started using the Teensy line of products from PJRC get set up to program them.

In TSW's new firmware using the Teensy 4, We've completely re-done the Master Oscillator and BFO calibration routines so they are very intuitive and simple to use.  A stand-alone document is available on the TSW ( website in the Documentation directory showing the easy to use screens and giving explicit instructions on how to use them. 

For further info, check the TSW website or email W0EB (w0eb [at] cox dot net) for more explicit details.

Jim, W0EB
TSW Project Coordinator


Finished the Teensy 4.0 adapter board, a real easy project. Did have to slightly bend the legs of the 7805 regulator to allow the Teensy adapter to plug in place of the Nano and not touch the regulator heat sink. Complied the T4.v100 software and loaded. Wow! The screen refresh is in Turbo mode, real nice. The calibration of the Master Osc and BFO are so much easier. Next a rapid QSY feature would be nice.