JackAl - Teensy Audio - switch inputs? #ubitx #jackal

Rob French (KC4UPR)

Quick question on the JackAl board, mainly because I'm doing something with Teensy and the audio board too...

Does the JackAl board switch the inputs on the Teensy when going between Transmit and Receive?  I.e. in the Teensy software, does it change the audio board (SGTL5000) input from LINE_IN to MIC_IN when it switches to transmit, and then back to LINE_IN when it goes to receive?  Looking at the schematic, I think it's implying that, but I'm not positive.

Why I ask:  in my project, I'm using L channel for Rx audio processing and R channel for Tx audio processing.  LINE_IN and LINE_OUT.  But, I had thought about using MIC_IN for the electret mic input, and LINE_IN otherwise.  I also thought this might allow me to use some of the Audio Board's built-in DSP processing (e.g. auto-volume, equalizer), rather than doing all of the DSP in the Teensy.  But I wasn't sure if it could switch inputs quickly enough?