I'm back... {;->

Bob Lunsford

I am the proud owner of a G90, a G1M and was the proud owner of a V6. I sent my V6 to my son in California (N5DIM) who is a contractor, works a gold claim and loves to go to the mountains to operate QRP with a battery. He'd rather play radio than anything else, though. However, I miss the V6 so ordered another one. The V6 receiver is nearly unbeatable for being so sensitive and quiet. I used it mobile mostly using a 75M hamstick for an antenna. I have checked into a net covering 3-4 states but needless to say, the signal was not heard by all on the net. The G90 is not much better with 20W but blame it on a mobile antenna that is at best 35% efficient.

The new V6 will arrive in a few days and I can't wait to fire it up.

I'm seeing a lot of good comments here. Keep it up. I left the group before for being overwhelmed by my inbox and found a way to manage that, thankfully. Look forward to more useful comments...

Bob — KK5R