Hi-Per-Mite Active CW Audio Filter in uBITX

Bill Meara

Dean Souleles

Awesome Bill -

Just the thing I need for my super-duper Arduino based Morse Sender / Decoder - it gets a little confused trying to sort all the overlapping signals.  It was nuts the other day during the contest. 

And yes, I am learning code (thus obviating the need for the decoder) but it is considerably slower going at 60 than at 13.





since you already have the desire, just 2 tips.  (1) learn a few characters by sound.  ID them in your head if you hear one of them when the repeater IDs, let the rest fall on the floor.  same listening to a little CW on HF.  when you catch yourself hearing a few of the characters - you know its mission possible.  (2) as you go about and see letters on a sign, translate the ones you know to sound. 

let this progress prompt you to learn another 2 characters.  don't count pieces of a character - most of our brains aren't that fast!  after you have the alphabet, let's conquer numbers one at a time - starting with 4 that is in your callsign.  let's learn your call in CW, then recognize it - cool.  learn it in 2 halves if you have too. 

73 Curt

PS - cool progress Bill - yes I am barely ahead (at most) on my v4.  it has a nescaf tucked inside and a simple AGC, and some mods for spurious.  if you were closer I would invite you to our build/measure session in Westminster Saturday morning.