Hi! My choice of components

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Hi! Friends!

It is a pleasure to see a dedicated group for Farhan design. I did
make the last transciever designed by OM Farhan and also enjoyed a
long chat with him on LL abt the same.

BTX is certainly an architecture much overlooked in amateur radio
circle. I am planning on making one BTX . My choice of components
is 2SC2570 for RF preamp( very commonly used in CATV), 2N2904 or
BF194 for the rest. 2N2222 for the pre driver. Options open for the
driver are 2N3866, 2N2219, BFW16, 2N3053 or 2 nos 2N2222 in parallel
as in Norcal NC20. I may also try experimenting with one of the 2SC
switching devices.

It is also possible to replace balun cores in mixers with ferrite
beads, I will be trying this out too.

Another idea that has just crept in to make a PSK only TRX based on
the same as has been done by our friend Oleg on RuQRP. 9Mhz if and
5.068 Mhz xtal for LO.
I would be obliged if some one can upload a scan of component layout
as I would like to do my 2 bits on the same too.

Greetings and Happy homebrewing.


Rahul VU3WJM