Hello fellow builders

vk3bfa <ablight@...>

Hi people,
havent been this excited about homebrew since I was a kid and built my
first (totally illegal) valve CW TX - thank you Ashar, do you realise
what you have started?
Have done the VFO and audio amp - perhaps others can post theirs as
well - if anybody wants info from mine, no problems, just ask.
I am using this project as a learning experience - the audio amp is
built "Manhattan" style using the NJQRP pad cutter, Used "Protel
Autotrax" (public domain) to do the layout for both - made up library
components with pad cutter clearance and then centre punched the pads
to a blank piece of board. The VFO - did the same method, but "joined
the dots and filled in the earth plane with a marker pen " method -
crude, but works - put the components on the copper side of the board
to make it easier to troubleshoot. The VFO works, but need to figure
out the correct no of turns. Being an amateur, I used the tuning cap
available, the section used is approx 20-200pf.
Looking forward to seeing others efforts and "borrowing" ideas.
73 de VK3BFA