Wayne Leake

 John Scherer,
 the encoder you have is way too pricey, at over $52.xx each.
 I have a couple of nice low priced ones, with a breakout board, and several without the board that were way cheaper by far.
 I figure to use one with the Raduino, and another with a different Arduino,to control an si5153a, or whatever the number is, instead of the 10K or 100K pot.
I'm way behind,due to being held back by a combination of illness and having a number of things pop up, including losing a truck and some supplies when the truck decided to burn up last April 3rd.
will be working with BITX40's and a BITX20 ( I'm assembling it on a bare board pair).
 I love the idea of using the rotary encoders.
Glad to see a bit more information on them.
 Wayne WA2YNE
Imperial TX

John Scherer

Yes, those encoders are pricey.  I got mine for like $4 each from a surplus electronics shop in San Diego.  Though, having used them now, I'd still be tempted to use them even if I had to buy one new.  The issue most people have with using high ppr encoders with the uBitx is the processor is pretty slow and the encoder routines in the base Raduino code are not interrupt driven.  Also using digitalReadFast to read the encoders helps.  If you get much beyond a single 400/600 ppr encoder and you will likely need a faster processor to do it.  I'm using the BITeensio board with a Teensy 3.6 processor.  I've tested that board with two 1024 ppr optical  encoders with no problems.  Those encoders would be of little use to the uBitx thought, without some division ;-)

John - N0CTL - Fulltime RV in a 40' motorhome