CW Keyboard and decoder #cw

Aaron K5ATG

Just wondering if it would be possible to add a CW decoder or the ability to add a CW keyboard to the uBitX. 
Aaron Scott
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Reed N

Once you have CAT working, fldigi can do both of those for you. If you mean to build one in, then you probably won't be able to without adding an additional microcontroller.


Evan Hand

You can always add one that is somewhat external.  There is not any room in the stock v6 Nano to do that.  There are a number of upgrades to either the Nano (Like converting to a Teensy for more memory and processor power) or offloading the display program to a Nextion display like KD8CEC did.  KD8CEC then has the option of adding a second Nano that is integrated into the total system for a number of different functions.  You can go the either or and browse for options on the upgrades.

The choice is yours.  There are many options, though none that do not require more hardware.  The v6 has pretty much maxed out the functions on the stock hardware.

Mark Hatch

There is a very basic decoder in the KD8CEC software. I played with it a couple times, but there are better options.



Just a thought ,,,There are chips that change the very fast PC keyboard scan codes to ASCII letters that are sent out of the chip as RS-232 serial.  So you could use a full size PC keyboard.  There are/were also keyboards for industry that output ASCII in RS-232 but they were very expensive at the time.

I used these chips 30 years ago for a robot project that needed real time control. It worked fine and the chip easily kept up with rapid keystrokes for 40 different one letter commands.   Wish I could recall the name of the chip we ended up with,,  but Google will know. I'm guessing you could do the scan code conversion through any chip like a basic stamp2, a very inexpensive PIC, or an Arduino, etc.