Bitx40–Apollo Quindar Tones #bitx40


Not sure if a "roger beep" is legal, but I'm sure you'll piss someone off thinking your a CBer...

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I’ve been thinking of adding “Quindar” tones (1) to “decorate” my Bitx40 audio during the week of July 16, 2019. The result will be distinctive! and maybe help my QRP signal standout (with all power in a single tone rather than voice settings for high voice peak to average ratio). Got the idea from the AGC (Apollo Guidance Computer) restoration videos that annotate the AGC program with actual radio transmissions.

I wonder if this is legal?

This demo has feedback but demonstrates the idea.

YouTube Demo


Paul Mateer, AA9GG
Elan Engineering Corp.


OK thanks. Didn’t know they did that on CB.
And I don’t want to make anyone angry.
So back to the drawing board.


Yes, roger beeps are common on CB and VHF/UHF FM repeaters.

Its not a legality issue just not needed for SSB.



Hi Allison,
This was just decoration for the Apollo 11 50th Commemoration but with all the power in one tone I was thinking it would announce that a QRP station was on frequency and extra effort might be made to dig the signal out.
But people might get angry as above—so no.
Demo with some audio feedback

Jim Willis

Hi Paul,

A local repeater uses a "roger beep". Personally, I find it annoying.