BFO calibrate (AGAIN!)


I've followed all the recommended procedures to calibrate my V6 and this is what I've arrived at:

I found an AM station at 7.315 and using the Freq Calibrate function, tuned it in for clear audio and set it.  Sounded fine.  But when I go back to the HAM USB frequencies, I can't tune in a signal to make the audio clear.  I've also tried Zero Beating it and same issue. I had also done the 'Setup BFO' prior to the Freq adjustment.  I think I'm missing something here (I'm not at all technical, would just like to get the thing working!)

Reed N

Hi Russ,

It's possible you may have tuned your BFO backwards. If you tune the upper side band of an AM station while on LSB mode (or vice versa) then you'll get inverted behavior. See if using "USB" on an LSB part of the band works. If so, you will need to recalibrate the BFO to the correct side band. Fortunately, the two tunings are right next to each other, so you shouldn't have to tune very far to fix it.



Did you also recallibrate the BFO after Freq??